Techtonic 2018

Innovative Start-Ups — Part 3

Global start-ups that have successfully combined innovation and impact

Published 3 years ago on Jul 04, 2018 4 minutes Read


Year: 2015
Country: Netherlands 
Joost Godee and Sjoerd Pitstra
Category: Artificial intelligence, machine learning

Roader is a camera that allows one to capture important moments in our lives. It is a wearable and hands-free camera, which can capture 10 seconds of past footage along with 10 seconds of present footage, producing 20 seconds of video. The camera is dubbed as ‘time-machine camera’ and the main idea behind it was to never miss any important moment in our life. The camera can be linked to an Android or iOS phone through Bluetooth, following which, the recorded video is directly sent to the phone in low resolution. However, this video turns into high resolution once the video is saved. 


Year: 2014
Country: China 
Xiaolan Xu, Xiaoou Tang and Xu Li
Category: Artificial intelligence, image recognition

The start-up, which was valued at more than $2 billion in 2017, uses computer vision and deep learning technologie


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