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Ode to Britannia

Timothy Oulton shares how he blends his passion for vintage products with his furniture design company

As the son of an antiques dealer who opened his first shop in 1976, in Hale, UK, Timothy Oulton grew up surrounded by them. He started working for his father Major Philip Oulton right out of boarding school, and began “reinventing” antiques for the wholesale market in 1990, opening his first retail space in Los Angeles in 2008. 

Why the shift from antiques to retail? 
I wanted to honour that same handcraftsmanship but make useful pieces that would work for modern lifestyles. An object with events it has witnessed, and stories behind it. 

What did you like to collect when you were growing up? 
I had a fascination for military drums as a child – that’s why the Drum collection is one of my favourites. It’s one of the world’s oldest musical instruments. I was steeped in the pageantry that goes with that profession. I love the old sports memorabilia as well, since I played rugby when I was young.  

The first luggage collection that you did, can you tell us a bit about this? 
I’ve always had a thing for vintage luggage. Some of the trunks are repurposed as coffee tabl


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