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Singularly Spectacular

Glenfiddich's global brand ambassador, Struan Grant Ralph, on why drinking malt is the new swank

He’s tall, and rugged, with the blue eyes and dark hair that belie Scottish ancestry. Meet Struan Grant Ralph, 35-year-old global brand ambassador for 130-year-old single malt brand Glenfiddich. “Scotland has 120 distilleries, each with a story to tell,” he says. “Part of my job is to show that if Glenfiddich has been successful over the last 130 years, it’s because it’s really good.”

It’s also the whisky that created the single malt category, decided upon in 1963 by William Grant & Sons, and brought it to the world. “We are regarded as one of the last bastions of independence, as we’re still a family-run company,” says Struan. “We’re one of the few remaining distilleries where we have passed our expertise and craft of making whisky from one generation to another. If you step into the Glenfiddich distillery in Speyside, you come expecting a factory. But it’s small, with a team


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