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The Accidental Collector

Abhimanyu Bansal takes us through a pick of his burgeoning watch collection, that includes stunning, unique inherited pieces and a vintage pocketwatch

Photographs by Olya Milentis


The 29-year-old director of Indonesia-made furniture company Warisan India, Abhimanyu Bansal’s very first timepiece was a limited-edition Panerai, that he bought with his signing bonus as an intern in finance company Blackrock on Wall Street. “I was a senior as an undergraduate at the University of Michigan Ann Arbor, when I got this internship,” says Abhimanyu, at his Asiad Village, New Delhi showroom. “Everyone in finance was wearing these awesome watches. I probably should have saved the money, but I went and blew it on a watch.” Not just any watch, but a precursor to a growing collection, with some sought after, and others inherited.

 “I wanted to own something unique and that’s how I got interested in owning watches,” says Abhimanyu. He tells us about the time when, in pursuit of a Franck Muller Conquistador Cortez Black PVD, he had to track it down over a year and a half because it had been discontinued. “It’s not very popular, as people usually prefer the gold or white gold option,” he says. “This one has a ru


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