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After creating a niche for herself in broadcasting, Ritu Kapur is now taking the digital world by storm 

Vishal Koul

The Quint’s newsroom on the eighth floor of BGR Towers in Noida is brimming with energy. The youthfulness is quite palpable — scattered bean bags, funky wall decors, colours thrown everywhere. A very young editorial crowd is busy at their desks, which are placed in a zigzag arrangement. Some can be spied in the conference hall shooting a news video on a mobile. Scurrying amidst all this is a 50-year-old  full of vigour and enthusiasm. She is the kind who worries about running out of tissue papers in the cafeteria and creating different types of news content at the same time. She loves re-decorating spaces, and The Quint’s office design bears her signature. But Ritu Kapur is more than all that. She is not the just the co-founder of The Quint, she is its life and soul. 

“The entire team meets every morning here,” she tells me in the conference room. “It’s a very exciting and inspiring affair. Sometimes the most brilliant ideas come from the most junior employees because their thinking is fresh,” she adds. Every word she utters is imbued with her excitement about being part of the digital news world. Things have clearly changed a lot for Kapur who, only a few years back, knew zilch about the digital world. 

Broadcast journey
Kapur was one of the founding members of Network18 in 1992. She secured a Masters in Film and TV production from MCRC at Jamia Millia Islamia University, and moved from reporting to producing, programming, ideating and leading a team. She started off on a high note producing The India Show, India’s first local production on a satellite channel, Star Plus. In 1995 she started directing and writing screenplays for the docu-drama series Bhanwar where she worked with actors like Vijay Raaz and Deepak Dobriyal. At one point of time, the show was one of the highest rated, garnering TRPs of 11 and 12. 

Around the same time, she gave birth to her first child, a daughter. Although she leaned more towards directing, she also wanted to spend more time with her child. As a compromise she turned to writing screenplays, something


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