Poll Plot

Election time is usually open season for political parties. Here’s why they have been forced to innovate this time around

Anupam Roy is a known name in the Bengali music circuit. Apart from having cut solo albums and his own band, he has also made his mark in the regional film industry. Last year, he took his first steps in Bollywood with the commercially successful Piku, for which he not just composed the music but sang songs and wrote lyrics as well. In 2016, Roy, who is in his mid-thirties, also made his entry into the turbulent world of politics. Earlier this year, he and three other musicians composed and sang a catchy jingle for the state’s ruling party All India Trinamool Congress (or TMC) that released on the radio in the third week of March and marked the first instance of a political party in West Bengal advertising on the medium. The jingle was later released as a video by TMC supremo and state chief minister Mamata Banerjee, with its lyrics ‘Paanch bochore bodle geche Banglar mukh’ invoking the changes the state has undergone over the past five years.