"Good chance that India will create a Silicon Valley faster than China"

Professor and author Anil K Gupta on the successes and failures of Chinese companies

Soumik Kar

Whether it is on the economic front or the warfront — the India-China rivalry is one of the oldest in the history books, characterised by mutual suspicion, distrust and healthy competition. This competition is perhaps what makes this one of the most dynamic duos in the world; both economies present different economic development stories and are entering their most challenging phases of growth. Anil K Gupta, the Michael Dingman Chair in global strategy and entrepreneurship at the Smith School of Business, The University of Maryland at College Park, and the co-author of The Silk Road Rediscovered, speaks about what makes companies from both countries win or lose in each other’s markets. Gupta looks at instances across industries to conclude that companies can win only by becoming stronger globally.