Peering into the New Year with a hope and a prayer

After battling an eminently forgettable 2020, CEOs gingerly gear up for 2021 


Tardigrades, more commonly called moss piglets, aren’t pretty. They look like hurriedly rolled up lumpy blankets and have terrible table manners (sucking nutrients out of live prey). But, they have one enviable quality. They are super resilient. These extremophiles can survive under freezing Antarctic glaciers, boiling alcohol, extinction events and even, space. They do it by conserving their energy and by bringing down their metabolism rate to 0.01%.

When under attack, by a predator or a hostile environment, the best superpower is resilience, and the best strategy is to conserve resources. Under the pandemic cloud, India Inc has adopted the tardigrade-way — on being hardy and being careful with cash.