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Electric vehicles are in for a bumpy ride as automakers hesitate to take the big leap

Published 5 years ago on Jun 22, 2018 24 minutes Read

There cannot be a bigger fanatic than 37-year-old Puneite, Kamlesh Mallick. And we’re not talking about bigots here. In 2013, he bought a Mahindra e2o. For the next 12 months, he religiously blogged his daily experience with the electric vehicle (EV). “I was never a car person, I loved my cycle. But when I learnt about EVs — the technology, the magic of electrons powering the drivetrain, regenerative braking, the quiet drive — something clicked within me,” says the founder of PluginIndia, an online forum dedicated to EV enthusiasts. In the ensuing five years, the forum would end up bringing together 2,000 EV owners sharing their “electric” experience.