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What Biyani’s future looks like

Kishore Biyani’s revamped retail strategy is centered around fashion and grocery. But will the retail czar get it right this time around?

Photographs by Soumik Kar

Dressed in a dapper Nehru jacket, Kishore Biyani took the centre stage at a jam-packed Ballroom at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Mumbai on a Tuesday evening. The occasion was the unveiling of Biyani’s grand vision, titled Retail 3.0 — a 30-year roadmap on how he expects the Future group’s second innings in retail to pan out. In his opening remarks, Biyani sounded his usual self: blatantly ambitious. “It’s been 30 years since we started out and when we said what 2047 would look like, there was clearly an opportunity for us to be Asia’s largest integrated consumer business. I am being little arrogant in saying the word ‘largest’ but I will try to prove that,” quipped Biyani.