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Sumit Sood

The MD of GlobalLogic India is always a good sport when it comes to golf

Published 3 years ago on Aug 12, 2018 2 minutes Read
Vishal koul

Humour is my favourite genre, but in the past few years I have started reading up a lot on history. Contested Lands by Sumantra Bose is a favourite. It offers a wide perspective on what happens in many disputed territorial areas such as Kashmir and Palestine.

I'm not really a movie buff but one of my all time favourites is Rang De Basanti. Every time I watch the movie, I am left emotional, and that makes me want to go back to it again and again.

I'm a foodie, so all kinds of food make me happy but if I were to choose a dish I love most, it has to be dal-roti. It is simple but still delicious so that is usually my first order even if I'm at an expensive restaurant.

I love travelling to various hill stations of the Himalayas but one of my best memories is Bhutan. It was a five hours trek to the Tiger's Nest Monastery, where I went my children. We  were elated after reaching the peak.

For a long time I played hockey and was a gold medalist for Panjab University. But over the past seven years, I have started playing golf. There hasn't been a moment when I haven't enjoyed it.