“People often talk about PMF or product-market fit. We call it as pandemic-market fit”

The pandemic has filtered out the second-bests in early-stage, according to Lightspeed India Partners’ Hemant Mohapatra 

From a scramble to protect portfolio companies to being amazed at the opportunities in some sectors and at the resilience of founders, this has been a rollercoaster year for Lightspeed India Partners. Hemant Mohapatra, partner at the early- and growth-stage VC, believes this crisis has separated the best-in-class from the also-ran. The VC has always been interested in enterprise tech, with 50% of their portfolio companies in SaaS, and it is a sector that has done exceptionally well during this pandemic lockdown. Mohapatra talks about the other opportunities that can be tapped.

How was this year for Lightspeed India Partners?