Who do you think is buying?

High delivery volume is worrisome or positive depending on your market view

M Cap in crore on September 11; Net sales & profit for latest financial year; *Average delivery volume: August 19 till September 4

While India's e-commerce giants are preparing for their great Diwali sale, the equity market seems to be already in festive sale mode as seen in the price drop across stocks. The past couple of weeks have been unmemorable for investors to say the least and if the smart money is on the selling or buying side will be evident soon in the market trend. Though it is too early to say if bargain hunters have stepped back into the market, many stocks did witness high delivery volume during the August 19 till September 4 mayhem when the Sensex plunged 10% and several stocks even more. Here's a compilation of such stocks and a brief description of the companies that we think stand out.