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All in the family

Media baron Rupert Murdoch's grandson seems to be giving him a run for his money

Looks like James MacLeod, 24, could give his grandfather a run for his money. The 83-year-old in question is Rupert Murdoch, who runs a print-centric media business. MacLeod, whose mother Prudence is Murdoch’s daughter, is offering an audio news app, Clippet. Targeted at millenials (18 to 28-year olds) turned off by traditional print media, the app offers bite-sized audio news clips lasting approximately a minute. Amid the popularity for video-based platforms, the audio-based format will work for mobile phone users because it is not as data-heavy and works offline too. MacLeod is offering news clips for free unlike Murdoch, a firm believer in paid content. Watch this space to see who finally wins the battle.