India's Best Fund Managers 2018

“Valuation for the larger part of the market is still reasonable”

Neelesh Surana believes some pockets in the market are still cheap and one can expect an overall return of 13-15%

Soumik Kar

2017 has been an important milestone for Neelesh Surana, CIO (equities) of Mirae Asset Mutual Fund,  and the ten-year best performer in the Outlook Business-Value Research Annual Ranking of Fund Managers. His average annual return during the past decade has been 17.18% against the benchmark Nifty's average annual return of 5.54%. The assets under management for his India Opportunities Fund increased from Rs.103 crore in 2008, when he joined, to Rs.5,357 crore by the end of 2017. Surana is unassuming about his success and believes that the remarkable feat is a team effort. While his perennial aim is to deliver the magical alpha, Surana isn’t afraid to venture against the tide and take contrarian bets. He dwells on what 2018 has in store, where he is placing his bets and investment principles that will continue to guide his decisions going forward.