Fastest Growing Companies 2018


Tiger Logistics’ aggressive approach across multiple verticals has helped it carve out a dependable niche in a cluttered market

Vishal Koul

Harpreet Singh Malhotra bursts into laughter when asked the reason behind naming his company as Tiger Logistics. “Had I named it Harpreet Logistics or something else, say Fast Logistics, you wouldn’t have asked me this question,” he quips. Jokes apart, it wasn’t a random name that popped in Malhotra’s brain. Eighteen years down the line, Tiger Logistics stands true to what he had in mind (character and aggression) when he named his company after the magnificent beast. The Delhi-based company with a market cap of Rs.208 crore has been growing fast at an impressive 28% per annum offering its customers end-to-end supply chain management. Its array of services include transportation, customs consultancy, customs clearance and international freight forwarding. With projected FY18 revenue of Rs.350 crore, Tiger sure has come a long way from its modest beginnings — an initial investment of Rs.50,000, revenue of a few lakh and a team of eight people.