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 Tara Singh Vachani, Max group chairman Analjit Singh's youngest daughter, is treading the untrodden path by venturing into the senior living space  

Photograph by Vishal Koul

“When I was 17, I lived in France as a part of my break year. I decided to buy my first designer bag,” smiles Tara Singh Vachani, the founder and managing director of Antara – a residential community for senior living and the youngest daughter of Max group’s Analjit Singh. Continuing her story, she says, “I bought a bag that cost around €300-400. When they saw the transaction, my parents called me immediately and gave me a lecture about how spending so much was not the culture of the family. They took away my credit card and said, 'Now you only get pocket money, you have to make smart choices within that'.” 

Vachani is grateful that her parents kept her grounded. “Things like these really shaped me. It would have been easier for my parents to not have these difficult conversations, but they did,” she says. The ability to have difficult, but necessary conversations got ingrained in her.

Getting her wings
Vachani spent her early years in Delhi. After her 10th grade, she spent two years in a boarding school in UK. After finishing school, she took a year off to live in France and study French. When she was all set to get back to UK to study economics, her father visited her and suggested that she give Singapore a thought as well. “I visited Singapore over a weekend and instantly fell in love with the place. So, I started studying at the National University of Singapore in 2005 and graduated in 2008,” she says.

She decided to come back to India when she realised the opportunity and support, that awaited back home. Soon after her, Vachani decided to get some exposure in business. “My father agreed and asked me to come and be an intern, or a fly on the wall. So, I joined the corporate development team at Max. I reported to Mohit Talwar, who is currently our managing director. He looked after busin


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