Where the Rich are Investing 2018

Amit Jatia

Being a conservative investor, the vice chairman of Hardcastle Restaurants prefers investing in tried and tested businesses over start-ups 

Soumik Kar

Amit Jatia is clearly smitten by the concept of co-investing. The trigger was around seven years ago, when Siddharth Mehta, Bay Capital’s co-founder, told him he was investing in Sterling Holiday Resorts. “I too decided to put in some money and it worked well,” says the 51-year-old. It sure did; Jatia exited with a 3x return after four years.  

By the looks of it, this asset class will occupy a good part of his mind in the time to come. If 70% of his wealth goes into the family’s businesses now, he plans to reduce that to 50% over the next decade. “Of course, that will be on a large


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